It is a climatic challenge to move to the Arctic region for most of the foreign people, who are used to living in countries with a warmer climate. 

For most foreign people, Tromsø is quite far away from their homes, and it is not easy to keep in touch with family and friends. To them, it is important to have a good social backup in Tromsø and surroundings. Similarly, for a lot of Norwegians, it may be a challenge to move so far north.

One of those working immigrants  who came in August of 2012 to Tromsø — is Rebeka Konc. Rebeka Konc did market research by interviewing 200 people and asking them what they need to feel welcome and at home in Tromsø. The most common needs of people are listed in the signup form in the list of activities. The market research is still ongoing.

Rebeka Konc at the library of Tromsø

She has seen an enormous need for a meeting place in the centre of Tromsø and a huge potential for success with providing a meeting place.

Because Rebeka Konc found that so many people had an interest in a meeting place, she took the initiative to found AMP with three other Norwegian members on its board. Nowadays, board members include Anita Bhandari, Steve Gazelle, Knut M. Pedersen. Rebeka Konc is currently the leader of AMP.

AMP got its first development grants in November 2014 from NAV.

For the project Artist Meeting Point — a cultural activity  grants were received from Sparebanken's Kulturnæringsstiftelse, IMDI (Integrerings-og mangfoldsdirektoratet) and financial support from the Tromsø Kommune. 

The statutes of AMP can be found here.

The long term goal of AMP is to create an open and multicultural meeting place, where people from different cultural backgrounds can meet and join different activities. Examples of some of these activities are international cooking, dancing, Norwegian conversation language, artist meetings, family meetings, and so forth.


Interesting facts
about Tromsø

In Tromsø there are people living from approximately 109 different nations. Creating a mutual understanding of cultural differences and to have a dialogue with the Norwegian population is crucial for the development of the city. Tromsø is rapidly growing each Year.

View of Tromsø from above

Many working immigrants are coming to Tromsø to work in the health care, education, construction, research and tourism industries. Those people have the need to build up a social network from zero.

This is the reason for which we have created this organisation.