AMP is glad to offer you a free Djembe course with djembe player and teacher Ablie Saidy. If you would like to join the course  and are  member in AMP, register your name soon by contacting us on our Facebook site Arctic Meting Point, or email to:

Non members could register soon as members and sign up for the djembe course.

The course will start on Tuesday, 19th of September and will be hold in the Grønnegata 71 (in the Methodist church). The djembe course will run during the month September, November and December from 17.30- 19.00 in the Year 2017. There will be a month break in October. For There is place for 15 students for this course. Children under the age of 12 Years who want to join the djembe course must come with an adult caretaker. If you don´t have your own djembe you can rent one and pay 50 kr per evening. There are three djembe´s avalible for rent during the course. Welcome!